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Finding the Time for Dragons

It’s the start of summer vacation and there’s not much to do in Crossroads. Ellie, her neighbour Jake and his dog Pickle are just setting off on a walk when they meet up with Amy. New to the neighbourhood and hoping for adventure, she asks if she can tag along. Never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined how soon her wish would be granted, when Jake accidentally leads them through a portal into an incredible world of caves and magical islands, giant ravens and extraordinary dragons.


​As they overcome their fear of the unknown and face unexpected dangers they discover they must work together to help one special dragon re-unite with her family and find a new life. Only then can Ellie, Jake, Amy and Pickle return to their own time and find their way back home.

"Beautifully written. I am hugely pleased to buy this book for my grandkids. A riveting adventure and endearing saga about following your dreams. Full of magic creatures and vivid imagery. A tale for imagination and wonder in stressful times." -(Amazon review)


"I really liked this story. The writing in no way assumes the reader is not intelligent and insightful. It is clear that the children serve a purpose in solving the crisis that faces the dragon community...I would recommend this story to any young person." -( Whistler Independent Book Awards ).

Juvenile Fiction. suggested reading age 8 - 12.

Black and white. 234 pages. 5.5" x 8.5"

Available Now at Bookstores and Online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more ~

Friesen Press


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If you live in Victoria, BC or surrounding area and would like to purchase a signed or dedicated copy directly from the author, please contact Angela here
Paperback $20     Hardcover$32
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