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I was born in London, England, but with family ties to Wales I grew up enjoying the best of both worlds – the energy and culture of city life enhanced by regular holidays in the countryside.  Drawing and painting have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember.


After studying Art, English and Education at Homerton College, Cambridge, my artistic journey followed an eclectic and somewhat meandering route, and over time I have enjoyed several different careers, including teacher, architectural technician, illustrator and book designer.


My first home in Canada was St.John’s, Newfoundland, where I continued to balance work with the demands of a young family, and learn to cope with snow for about eight months of the year! Somehow I continued to find time for art and design.


The planned two year stay curiously turned into sixteen, but finally we decided to move again. Along with our three children, two cats, a dog and all our worldly goods we left the east coast for the west, this time arriving in Victoria, BC in 1992.


For ten years I continued to juggle family life with running a business. As co-owner of Beadworld in Market Square I discovered a new creative pursuit, learning the many aspects of beadwork and designing a wide variety of jewelry and other beaded items.

Early retirement brought me back to painting and the delights of spending time alone in my studio. Initially drawn to the idyillic peace and beauty of the natural world, my first solo show in 2008, at the CACGV Gallery, Sussex Place, was the culmination of several years’ work.

Then the dragons started arriving! My second solo show in 2018, this time at the CACGV Gallery in the Cedar Hill Arts Centre, was a departure from reality and a journey into fantasy.

me on porch 2.jpg

Over the years I have participated in group shows and completed many illustrative projects and commissions.


Recently I have been able to fulfill a life-long dream: writing a middle grade fiction book, appropriately titled “Finding the Time for Dragons”, and seeing it published.


I am grateful to have creativity and imagination in my life, and every day I look forward to seeing where they may lead me.

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